Lt. Col. Arthur R. Hickle ’76 and wife Judy.

Jennifer Hickle Carpenter and husband Jon.


In 1974, Lt. Col. Arthur Riley Hickle, and Judy moved their family from Auburn, Alabama to Bryan, Texas where Lt. Col. Hickle became the XO of the Navy Marine unit for the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. Lt. Col. Hickle spent three years in that position before retiring from the Marine Corps after 28 years of honorably serving his country. He and Judy fell in love with Texas A&M, Bryan-College Station and the Corps of Cadets and decided to pursue his love of photography opening AR Photography. Their family joined them in this endeavor and for over 40 years AR Photography has served the Corps capturing memories, and treating the Cadets more like family than clients.

Lt. Col. Hickle and Judy passed on their legacy in 2011 to their daughter Jennifer who had already been working and shooting for over 30 years. She has become affectionately know by the cadets as “the picture lady”. She has more experience and arguably knows more stories than almost anyone. So how do you know her when you see her? Her big hair and big smile usually give her away, but the cadets will never forget “the look” and her squaring their uniforms away.

Together Jennifer and her husband Jon look forward to continuing serving the Corps of Cadets into the future with the same tradition, excellence and family mindset that has been AR Photography’s trademark since 1977.